Photography school

If you love photography and you want to get better, a photography school is a natural step. Apart from the many things you learn, technical and compositional elements, you enter a group of people with the same passion. Most of our students did not want to become professional photographers; they just needed photography in their live as a way of escaping from the monotony of every day life. It always starts as a hobby, and sometimes turns into a profession without realizing it. Many of our former students now work as photographers: in photo studios, newspapers, cruise ships, advertising agencies. The youngest student was 13 and the oldest was 73: the passsion for the art of photography has no age or restriction. To get a better idea of what is going on, you can read some testimonials, watch some interviews from photo expositions, photo shoots.

„ I have 20 years experience in photography I never imagined there were still so many things to learn. Every day I learn new things, in a very organized way, and it really helped me improve my work”

Roberto Cojan , 44 years old, photographer

„I discovered this passion 3 years ago. I soon realized it is really hard to learn something properly just by watching tutorials on youtube and reading online. Here, I am in a great group of people, a young teacher, very honest and willing to share from his experience. I also like when we go out in different locations for photo shoots. Another good thing is that the school organizes photo exhibitions with the students’ photos.”

Gabriela Niculae, 42 years old, account manager

„The information is shared with patience and respect. During school, you start dreaming. We all have dreams. For a photographer, having his work shown in an exhibition is a dream come true. For me, photography is like medicine to the soul”

Monica Raicu, 43, medical assistant

„When I first came here I was totally lost . I was affraid of the camera. Now, halfway through the course, my fear has gone. The technical elements are well explained and correlated with the practical examples”

Laura Zota, 26 years old, assistant manager

The following works, presented in the gallery, belongs to the following authors:
Monica Raicu, Cristi Iorgoveanu, Alina Vasiliev, George Cornea, Catalin Strugaru, Catalin Nicolae, Cornel Colibaba, Florin Stanoiu, Mihaela Burlacel, Catalin Zaharia, Alina Zavoianu, Ana Dinu, Alexandru Ghita, Adrian Mergiani, Anca Dragos, Cosmin Amaximoaiei, Stefan Brezeanu, Florin Dutulescu, Eliza Geanina, Eleodora Panait, Andra Bumbac, Florentina Toma, Daniel Cioiu


At the practice we come to know the beautifull places of Dobrogea and more: from Vama to Cheile Dobrogei, from Piata Ovidiu to Mamaia.We combine “work” with relaxation, we sit over at a coffe, a juice, a barbecue, we adorn a tree, do anothere photo exhibition.


Photos of the students

batch_Valentina Efrem - Căutare

batch_Teodora Nagy - Grație

batch_Teodor Mîndreanu - Transplant

batch_Tavi Colu- Liniște

batch_Tavi Colu - Verde

batch_Ștefan Stîlpeanu - Fibonacci

batch_Rozalia Șeferneac- Muzică

batch_Rozalia Seferneac - Radiografie

batch_Roberto Cojan - Pictorialism

batch_Roberto Cojan - Fragil

batch_Ramona Vâju - Început

batch_Radu Urs - Nostalgie

batch_Paula Zăvoianu- Life

batch_Ovidiu Oprea - Tuzla

batch_Octavian Burcu - Timp

batch_Octavian Burcu - Curiozitate

batch_Oana Avram-Contrast

batch_Oana Avram - Solitudine

batch_Oana Avram - Efemer

batch_Nicoleta Nussthaler - Zbucium

batch_Nicoleta Nussthaler - Iarnă

batch_Monica Raicu - Apus

batch_Mihaela Gartone- Portret

batch_Mihaela Gartone - Evadare

batch_marius nistor - Singur

batch_MarianNichitov - Culori

batch_MarianNichitov _ Lumină

batch_Magda Ghionea - Dobrogea

batch_Luminița Stamate - Crud

batch_Isabel Vizoc - Sămânță

batch_Ionuț Serban- Viața la țară

batch_Ionuț Șerban- Curat

batch_Ionut Serban - De pus in ramă

batch_Gabriela Huditeanu - Frozen Colors

batch_Florin Panaite - Pânză

batch_Florin Cârâc - Nervuri

batch_Elena Murgu - Inspirație

batch_Elena Mocanu Abstract

batch_Elena Mocanu -Freamat

batch_Elena Mocanu - Dans

batch_Dumitrița Constantin - Antiteză

batch_Dragoș Băluță - Faleză

batch_Dragoș Băluță - Cazino

batch_Diana Onu - Reflexii

batch_Diana Onu - Cerșetor

batch_Daniel Micu - Layers

batch_Daniel Cioiu- Răsarit

batch_Dani Gore - Mamaia

batch_Dan Fulea - Linii

batch_Cristina Munteanu - Pescari

batch_Cristi Iorgoveanu- Armonie

batch_Cristi Iorgoveanu - Urme

batch_Constanta Portul Tomiscc

batch_Claudia Crețu - Împreună

batch_Claudia Crețu - Altfel

batch_bun 5

batch_Angelica Lazăr - Calea

batch_Andreea Ion- Silueta

batch_Andreea Ion - Învingător

batch_Alina Dobrovolschi - Fereastra

batch_AFIS AVATAR jpeg

batch_Adrian Marin - Fară Limită